Press Release | Eco Fest 2020 was completed with great success

Great attendance, important announcements, and unrivaled experience

Green cities, sustainable development and eco-mobility were the key players in the three-day “Eco-Fest 2020” event, co-organised by the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE), and the City of Athens on 18, 19 and 20 January 2020, in Technopolis, Gazi. Visitors had the opportunity to learn the benefits a society could earn from environment-friendly technologies, products, and practices.

Eco-Fest was completed with great success, attracting not only the Athenian public but also representatives from the central political scene and the local government, who had the chance to watch and participate in various activities of informative, educational and recreational character. Click here to watch the Eco-Fest teaser video.

Press Release | Eco Fest 2020 was completed with great success

The three-day event consisted of 3 main pillars:

1)      Exhibition “Eco-Fair” (18-19-20 January 2020)

The visitors had the chance to get acquainted with new innovative products, technologies, and services in the fields of eco-mobility, green energy and recycling:

-          Electric cars

-          Electric scooters and bicycles

-          Original electric vehicles manufactured by academic research teams

-          Chargers of electric vehicles

-          Smart benches, smart solar bike stations

-          Energy-efficient technologies for the business and home

2)      Parallel activities “Eco-Events” (18-19-20 January 2020)

Aiming at environmental awareness, Eco-Fest 2020 was also framed by parallel educational and recreational events, such as:

-          Eco-Basket Weekend (Skill challenges - Tournament 3x3 - Exhibition Games)

-          Test-drive with electric cars

-          Virtual tennis

-          Rewarding packaging recycling

-          “Paintelling” of an eco-story, a unique experience for kids

-          Educational workshops for the safe use of electric scooters and bikes

3)      “Eco-Fest Conferences”

“Smart and Accessible Cities – Circular Economy – Electro-mobility” (19 January 2020)

Under the auspices of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), this conference was mainly addressed to local governments and presented the available policies and financing tools in order to make cities more sustainable.

Click here to watch the conference’s highlights.

 “Eco-Mobility Conference” (20 January 2020)

For the third consecutive year, the biggest Conference on Eco-Mobility took place in the framework of Eco-Fest 2020, with speakers from the central political scene, local government, private sector and academia.

Watch here the conference’s highlights.