Why join HAEE

Become part of a diverse and respected community of energy and environment professionals, many of whom are recognized experts in their fields.

Engage in Expert Energy Debate
Debate key questions affecting the energy, environment and economy sectors together with policy makers academics and industry experts.  Participate in meetings, seminars and conferences with highly esteemed speakers and quality of debate. Organized events cover all aspects of energy, environment and economy and provide a neutral forum for the examination of issues from a range of viewpoints. Participation in all organized events are free of charge for HAEE members.

Meet and network with people from different disciplines and different sectors of the energy, environment and economy sectors to better understand their perspectives. HAEE has members from academia, industry, finance and the public sector. Members may also contact each other via the members directory.

Expand your professional and academic knowledge
Access relevant research articles from our library of papers and presentations, including academic conference proceedings. We publish presentations and papers from all our events.

Gain an international perspective
Connect to wider international debates through association with the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) which has over 3900 members in over 85 nations, with 28 nations having local affiliate organization.

Support for students
Students benefit from reduced membership fees, conference fees, research prizes and financial support.


There are many benefits from membership in the ΗAEE. Members gain a broader understanding of energy, environment, economics, relevant policymaking and theory. Members are kept well informed by our publications and conferences on matters within the industry and academia and the challenges that lie ahead. Membership provides the opportunity to network within the largest Association of energy professionals: anyone with an active interest in the field of energy economics is eligible for membership in the IAEE and will benefit from belonging.

The following is a list of benefits and privileges available to HAEE members:

  • Access through a personal identification process, to the "Members Area" at HAEE's website. Through this area, members can access a number of publications, working papers, conference proceedings and presentations and other useful information which is not generally available to non-members. They can also search the online members directory and participate to the Members Forum.
  • Receive advance notice of all activities and functions organized by HAEE.
  • Entitled to free access in all events (e.g. conferences, workshops) organized by the IAEE throughout the year.
  • Automatically subscribe to both IAEE professionals journals: The Energy Journal and Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy and to the Energy Forum (quarterly newsletter). Members receive notifications on an ad hoc basis, about the upcoming HAEE and IAEE publications, special briefings, reports and surveys about significant global and regional energy and environment developments.
  • Complimentary access to available Conference Proceedings
  • Exposure to a multitude of IAEE sponsored conferences throughout the world
  • Opportunity to network with a worldwide membership base of energy, environment and economics specialists through accessing our Membership Directory online to locate members with similar energy expertise and experience.
  • Student support services and scholarship/award possibilities
  • Access to a dynamic and active Association website to stay updated on all products/services
  • Propose to HAEE’s administration the undertaking of new tasks such as studies and publications, research projects, educational visits to energy and environment related facilities or the organization of special topic seminars, workshops or conferences.

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